Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artist: April Solomon

When the irrepressible, man-about-town Reis O'Brien (he of the splendid Geek Orthodox blog), Todd, our fearless DM, and I visited the Emerald City Comicon, we had a lovely time. We laughed, we cried...and maybe we did a little soul-searching and gained some insight into the meaning of life.

But mostly we looked at stuff.

I am crazy about original art, and this lovely young lady named April Solomon had a stall with some of her art on display, which was amazing.

She works mostly with pen and colored pencil, and she draws mermaids and dragons and all manner of awesome things.

I had to buy this sketch she had lying around:

and then I asked her to draw a centaur for me, and she did this:

Here is the place you can see a few more examples of her work:

And here is just one of her many awesome creations:


  1. Look at the dude in the picture of April in the background digging in his nose. Ahhhh, comic book conventions...

  2. April's art is totally awesome. You're lucky to have a couple of originals. I have a good collection of her works and plan on adding more.

  3. wow! look at what i find on the!. how cool do i feel right now on a scale of one to ten, its about 15.
    Thank you so much for writing up such a steller blog story about me and the work i do.

    very much appreciated.

    thanks everyone.