Monday, April 27, 2009

Krod ManDAMN he's hot.

At the WhiteUnicorn mansion, we host a Sunday night pizza and diet-soda evening with a couple of close friends, where we eat, drink, and watch bad television.
Last week, we started watching Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire together.

I really like this new show.
If you have not seen it yet, here's what you need to know.

Krod Mandoon is a freedom fighter who leads a band of rag-tag adventurers.

His arch-nemesis is Dongalor, who wants:

  1. Krod dead,
  2. to rule the world,
  3. and to look good in a fur loincloth.

Alas, he doesn't have the thighs to pull off the loincloth.

It's clear from almost the very beginning that Krod runs his band of followers like a low-level manager runs his team: giving performance appraisals, trying to create heroic synergy, embracing diversity in the workplace. And the members of the team are all incredibly stereotyped: The girl is hot and promiscuous, the gay is lispy and thinks everything is about sex, and the black dude acts like Chris Tucker.

I have read about how some reviewers are offended by the stereotyping. But the show isn't mean. The characters are mostly one-dimensional, but they have heart, and I like all of them, and they're funny. I can't speak for how a woman or a person of colour may feel about the show, but the gays are mostly not offended. At least, not the ones in our house.

Finally, I think...I think there's one last reason I really like this show.

Now what was it? Hmmmmm....

I can't remember what it is.

But when I do recall, I'll let you know, Crickets.

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