Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comic Book Gaydar: Sodam Yat

I just started reading Green Lantern Corps.
I never had any interest in Green Lantern before.
No disrespect to Hal Jordan fans, but he never really did it for me.
It was the introduction of the other colored rings (especially blue and violet) that made me pick up an issue, and WOW!
I can't believe how quickly this title grabbed hold of my imagination.

With a cast of a dozen regular characters, interstellar action, mayhem, pretty graphic violence, a rich mythology and culture all of its own, and some really great personalities, the Green Lantern titles are now at the top of my list every month.

I'll feature some of the most intriguing characters in the near future, but the first on my list is the one that almost immediately pinged my Gaydar: Sodam Yat.

Now Crickets, perhaps you may be wondering why on earth I'd think he's G-A-Y.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I assume everyone is gay until proven otherwise.

  2. His first name sounds a lot like the city that the bible types like to use in their lame arguments against gays (it's the city mentioned in conjunction with Gomorrah).

  3. His history is one HUGE allegory. He grew up on a repressively xenophobic planet (Daxam), where he always felt "different". He'd spend all his time dreaming about escaping his bigoted family and society. He spent his nights studying the stars. One night, an alien crashed on his planet, and he and the alien, Tessog, became "close", even as he had to hide the relationship from his parents and the world. But his parents found out, had Tessog killed, and sent their son to be brainwashed into believing that Tessog, and aliens in general were evil. (Can you say "ex-gay reparative therapy", Crickets?) His memories later resurfaced, and he was about to use Tessog's spacecraft to escape Daxam when the Green Lantern ring appeared to him.

  4. Crickets, do I need to spell it out at this point?

  5. Oh, and Superboy Prime shoved rods into him.

He has issues with his horrible parents of course, and has some anger mamagement challenges.

The other awesome things about him: He's a Daxamite, which means he has the power levels of Superman, PLUS A GREEN LANTERN RING.

And he has cool eyes.


  1. So does that make Superboy Prime gay as well? Or is he just curious? Had he been drinking?

  2. Nah, Superboy Prime is just plain CRAYZEE.

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