Friday, April 24, 2009

You “hoof” to see this

Look, crickets, I’m as much a hot-blooded humanoid male as the next guy.
I have a thing for centaurs. Who doesn’t? I mean, when hasn’t a centaur “sent our” pulses racing? Can I get an “Amen”, fellas?

Centaur Pros:
· He’s a dude with built-in head-crushing kick skills.
· When he whispers in your ear that he’s going to take you on the ride of your life, he actually means it.
· You hate to cook? Feed him some oats and a raw carrot, and he’ll consider you a gourmet chef.
· When the two of you go out together, you’re always the “centaur” of attention.

Sure, there may be some problems: Some people are too close-minded to accept a man and a centaur together; and buying pants is always a challenge. Oh, and you’ll need a shovel. But after all is neighed and done, centaurs are awesome.

Here is the latest spokescentaur for a leading men’s deodorant:

Thinking about World Peace

Conducting an invisible orchestra

Juicin’ the pecs

Just waking up from a nap

Practicing how he’ll surprise me with flowers


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