Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roleplaying in a skirt

Monday night role playing went pretty well.
There was a lot of exposition, to be sure, but important things happened:

  • I got to level 4, and finally got a good spell or two

  • I got to play to my PC's strengths: healing, music-based magic, and being sassy.

  • I didn't need to roll no stupid 20's to kick monster ass

When we finally got moving (after I told a prince from my native country that I could possibly lift a debilitating curse laid upon him by evil cultists from the mountains and healed a bunch of people that were buried in the rubble of a catastrophe), our party was set upon by horrid giants big enough to carry archers in baskets on their backs.

Certain co-adventurers needed to rely on the luck of a few random lucky throws of the dice. Some twenties were rolled.


Meanwhile, Harmony Icebane cast Terror on one of the beasties, which took off back up the mountain he had come down from to attack. She used her amazing power and strength of will, and quick wits to turn the almost insurmountable tide.

Singlehandedly, I beat off one of these guys (that tun of phrase was dirtier than I intended), without even drawing a weapon or making a couple of lucky rolls.

So who is more awesome? The guy with a generic big sword who makes some random rolls to his favour, or the eldrich mistress of mysticism, music, and mayhem, who makes monsters flee at the sound of her lute?

Crickets, I think we all know the answer to this.

Oh, and here is Reis, he of the splendid Geek Orthodox site, taking my picture because he was so in awe of my mad role-playing skillz:

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  1. Now hold on a second. Yes, you played your lute and the giant went running away. But who was it who had to go back and kill the thing after your dinky spell wore off? ME! Not only did I kill it single-handedly, but it died from punching me.

    I'm not sure you heard that, so I'm going to say it again...


    That's how bad ass I am.

    And rolling two 20's is lucky, maybe even three 20's... but rolling five 20's is done so by the guiding hands of the Dice Gods.